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RT @cporrtillo: Crazy how you can go from talking to someone everyday to "who r u"
RT @OddemocracyA: The Short Sell: Penalty Rates, Reaganomics and the ‘Jobs Motive’ - New Matilda -
@_Ratiie_ lmaaaoo that was me yesterday dawgg 💀💀💀 I'm still shaking from that experience 😭 go batla nap nyana 😂
RT @Daniexo_: I would much rather be getting up to get on a plane to go somewhere sunny than be going to work right now
Thank you for opening up tonight. you needed this. Accept it and let go ❤️#9Married
@CNN The number one reason people go to the doctor and Donald Trump thinks building a wall is more important. Sneeze on him. #trumpdumpcare
Dating someone who has to go through military training is so hard because you have to go weeks on end without talking #MissMyBaby 😔
RT @LittleMix: 🚨 8 hours... (YES we're counting) to go! TODAY we get to see the girls kill it on the @brits stage 😭🙌 #brits #LittleMixBRITs
@edinkink92 @pup_velo he still has 10 days to go as well 😈😈 then a ruined orgasm
10 celebs react to Trump's decision to skip star-studded dinner #news
【RT】セフレになってーーー♪ セックス 彼氏募集中!メル友、リア友募集! あとポケモンGO友達募集中♪条件などはプロフィール見て♪
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