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When you know he will understand, so you go and almost pee on yourself laughing
RT @ThatGirlTeara: can someone go check the Ben to see if my soul is still there? 😂
gotta know when to let go
aside from going to church, tweeting bout yoi, and playing an hr of overwatch, i drew all day. go me. keep this up and job apps will be done
SENT IN MY PAPER. WHO ELSE CAN WRITE A 15 PG RESEARCH PAPER IN 5 HOURS? oh yeaaaaa, wooooooo, #turnt 4 more papers to go until freedom
RT @_JDBaby_: All the pain, the tears I cried Still you never said goodbye and now I know how far you’d go #KissesADecadeAnd8
RT @xotew: if the week would go by as fast as the weekend did , I'd be good
Really was a religion by another name, in its time: a militant world unto itself. Note the messianic language. Why…
Today was a on earth do I go faster?
Can you get the village to go 🤔
RT @Fulwiley_11: Can somebody throw a pool party? I wanna go swimming
RT @alex_jaz17: Idk what's wrong with people but if y'all don't think this is cute as hell then you can go ahead and leave, let these cute…
One more set to go here at Laguna Village, the cliff restaurant, with super gnarly…
@WolfLegendTamer Really? Interesting. Wasn't aware of that. So would you want our wizards to go "ooh, that really h…