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RT @kaiadrsmi: i facetimed my parents to vent about how i was about to spaz on this girl and they told me to think what would Jesus do and…
RT @RastaTahj: ONLY IN DC MOE🤣🤣🤣
RT @NosaIsabor: The educational system has failed them
RT @LeKuroKami: People aren’t born this way... They learn from their parents.
@_goldenGlo 😇😇
@InMyBagJusto Lmao dawg go somewhere
RT @jxckiexo: LMAO I don’t deserve my niece
RT @DMVFollowers: This is how chicks from the DMV looked in 2011.
@InMyBagJusto Cuz CLEARLY you need help
@XOXOSHEBA Oh we in there 👀
RT @Chelss__Nicolee: Y’all coming ?
@_goldenGlo Eden why would you do such a thing???
@InMyBagJusto Don’t worry, I’ll just report it for you.