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RT @bixenmellet: this is my brother's friend harel, he's 11 and love twenty one pilots, make him known!!
RT @cthagod: I love the culture!!!! All aspects of the culture!!!
RT @MayWardOfficial: Ang mga mata, in love na in love, oo!!!! #MAYWARDIkayArenFinale
RT @hausmuva: !!!!!!!!! also love that the clowns saying femininity/womanhood are INHERENTLY nurturing/soft/etc. are being proven wrong, ri…
@Erin_x02 love the hair ❤
RT @KaitlinMqu: How can people say ur too young for a relationship too young for wit?? being showered w love and Chinese food I THINK NOT
Bowling & going to see Get Out w/ my love tonight
RT @lucyhale: But also, my love for Thai food runs pretty deep too...
RT @voguebami: The boys got shocked but sang happy birthday right after jsksjsjs i love dork7 😂
I love you so much queen💜 @ArianaGrande
RT @naejasme: them: OMG I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT WHERE DID YOU GET IT FROM!?? me: the thrift store them:
RT @lgbtop: trans girls are beautiful trans girls are valid trans girls are just as entitled to love and respect as anyone else
RT @alexisym13: I love this weather man