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@The_LoveJones Thx Doll! Keep those edges that skin and that heart strong💪🏾 🙏🏾 #BlackGirlMagic 👑
RT @JColeNC: KOD. 3 meanings. Kids on Drugs King Overdosed Kill Our Demons The rest of the album I leave to your interpretation.
@V__te Bwahahahahaha!! I keep calling you! 🙄
@The_LoveJones What’s broke yo phone or yo eyes ?
The only thing I thirst after is righteousness. 🦋✨🦋
I just wanna say, @michaelb4jordan so damn fine. Goodnight.
I’m tired of y’all coming to me with a whole paragraph as a logo. That’s
Daggone I never saw Liv’s wig that tore up the morning after the night before ...Fitz should be making an omelet li…
RT @dom_folarin: The bruhz barking inbetween the OO~OOPs is what actual Coleman Love feels like 😌😩
Day 2-heating pad 😕
@jasmineea__ Facts, haven’t brought an item i didn’t like !
RT @themikewoah: @MamaT65159237 @Aaron_G52 @tobewoeful @Khourt_GB @x_LoveJones @Phil_Lewis_ Please watch the fire safety episode first. 😂😂😂