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RT @i7_76: هزائِم مُتتاليهه وأنتي الملجأ الوحيد .
RT @Christophe77: Just cruising in a bus through the Himalayan mountain range which has some of the highest peaks in the world, including M…
RT @TheHaraBand: For your eyes only... BE SOMEBODY OUT NOW!!! Available on all major Download & Streaming services 💕 T-)
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RT @Pickles0201: A MUST READ 4 everyone ➡️ "SHEEP NO MORE" ⬅️ by @JGilliam_SEAL 🇺🇸 Give the gift of awareness & personal threat assessmen…
Using @Edulastic to take our math chapter test! Who needs to grade over the weekend? #notme #testsaregraded
OH HELL NO!!!!!! Not that #clap to kill me!!!!!! At that moment, I would've become a #trackstar.....
@its_notme_Adios Fr one day everything will fall into place 🙏🏾
@Jali_Cat @WhiteHouse @POTUS @AprilDRyan Who wants to pay for this pig to eat! #NOTME
@cperez276 Sucks nuts 🥜
RT @12April_96: عيني إذا نظرت لحُسنك سبّحت سبحان من خلق الجمال وجمّلك في الحُسْن بدرٌ أنت والأفلاك هُم هل يستوي في الحسن بدر والفَلَك؟