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RT @V1N1DIAS_: o jovem de hoje é constituído por auto estima baixa coluna ruim blusa preta & carência
RT @a1swiftz: Retweet if she’s ur everything and u appreciate her.
RT @RyanJohnson_02: @PBRIndiana thank you for putting on our IP scout day and also to all the college coaches who came to watch.
RT @ura_nako_aka: 失神するまでイカせてくれる人いない? お願いしたいんだけど🤣 #裏垢女子 #エロ垢 #裏垢
RT @GingerMEdwin: If this is what he has done with Ukraine, what has he done with Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia?
RT @odekakena_ko: 淑女の微笑みにこんなに心撃ち抜かれるとは思ってなかった。泣ける。 のんほいパーク 201909