Latest tweets tho

@VoiceOfTheStar I think 1 tech crowd has always existed tho, definitely not new
He’s taking it way to far lol not surprised tho
@_iMakeHits i feel you. it’s still a banger tho.
I roll good to tho 😂
@abixo_ A building like this tho? Rooftop washer dryer new finishes and this bright?
RT @coupdemain: heather: "ice-cream" us: "i scream?" heather: "no, ice-cream. like what you eat" us: 😔 🍦 🖤 HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOTH QUEEN OF OUR…
Tôi đã thích video đi du lịch Thiền viện trúc lâm Phương Nam Cần Thơ (tập 2) trên
RT @RtaelaRiddick: @KinaataGh He didn't really change tho Fresh from birth Enyim fame nô but ennyim story nô... #10yearchallenge #madeint
RT @erniebee93: Been trying to get my ex to tell her sister I said hi she playing tho
@Joey_Haskins @mpete2485 @BigTunaSports He’s like the 12-15th best player in the NBA, an awesome #2, a premier Robi…
Repost from iamcardib using repostregramapp - I know a lot of ya do r watch the news so I’m letting ya know shit ge…