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@NICKIMINAJ Why you didn't send your condolences to the gay people murdered in orlando fl? You have many gay fans! Do you care actress?!
Happy birthday, Reese Witherspoon! The Oscar-winning actress shares what she's learned
RT @Antonio_Nelli: @toonelli5 @Marissa_Actress @Marcela_Nelli Me estrenan mis hijas con tantos twits intensos. El único sensato es mi mucha…
❤❤BARBRA STREISAND ~ PARTNERS (#CD, Sep-2014, Sony Music Entertainment) - NEW #Singer #Actress
#MelanieGriffith TEMPO (2003) Melanie Griffith Rachael Leigh Cook Hugh Dancy Malcolm McDowell #Actress #Celebrity
@Antonio_Nelli @toonelli5 @Marissa_Actress la psicología indica que la mujer no es intensa, simplemente le gusta expresar lo que siente
RT @IS_BERLINDA98: ➳Berlinda Bling ♔ ➳Actress under @IMREOIRSTx ➳Nice to meet you . https://t.…