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RT @dom_tullipso: Mornin' folks. I'll be on @MSNBC today, all day. Actually, they've offered me a morning show. Go figure #fakenews #Tucker
RT @liverpool4u: .@Independent Course it was. LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE. Didn't lose her job though so I guess lies are allowed, eh? #fak
@RunningPaladin2 @WtfAmerica4 They believe tht because CNN says Trumps approval is low tht u cant just check the internet 2 debunk #FakeNews
#FakeNews Trump said he didn't know if it had been done or not. This is why no one trusts media.
@thehill why not compare how many holder overs were asked for from Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr? Oh because it's a common practice #fakenews
RT @Paratisi: That's What Happens When You Defend Murderers,Rapists,Child Molesters & Islamic Terrorists!#LincolnMemorial #FakeStreamMedia
@cnnbrk hope all of you @CNN are getting your resumes ready cause pretty soon it's over. Bye Bye #FakeNews
@BretBaier This snowflake is still pushing the #fakenews that Trump is "lowest incoming approval rating president i…