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@The_Pandaking @MilsimNews @BritishMilsim I don't recall the SAS using an M240B? By my understanding it would be to…
Just uploaded our latest recruitment video. If you're interested in joining DM me • • @MilsimNews @BritishMilsim
RT @MissGinaDarling: Trailer for the new Jackie Chan movie looks marvelous. Can't wait.
RT @Litfreestyles: The Uzi Yall Didnt Know
Frosty custom Polar King progress today. Now for the intricate detailing.. #tweet #fbjune #custom #pandaking
@pandaking_tokyo そっか!おいしそうって視点ですかww うちの学校の子ども達だけじゃなかったんですね(笑)子どもって楽しい~w
RT @TheWeirdWorld: When I watch poledancing,i’m more amazed by their body strength rather than the erotic aspect of the act.
White people: -Good cop -Bad cop Asian people: -Bad cop -Worse cop
RT @awonderdj: Spice up ur life
@DTG_PandaKing @FatalityFalcon You're fully entitled to your opinion man, and you're also entitled to not feeling t…
RT @TheWeirdWorld: Actors get paid more to pretend to go to space than actual astronauts get paid to go to space
@kkooddaa_bear @FatalityFalcon Reverse f tilt f tilt looks cooler imo
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