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RT @Emanhudson: All because the color of our skin.
RT @joss_11_7: Aw they done turnt up fight the power is on 🔥🔥🔥
RT @Cheaper2beepher: 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
RT @Mallb__1: That rape shit ain’t no joke (male or female). Shit’ll give a MF’er PTSD.
RT @bae_lay: Organized by two college basketball players from West Philly, the protest is being escorted and flanked by PPD
RT @bae_lay: Some medics are nearby. They informed protesters who they were and said they’d be able to help in case officers began using te…
RT @bae_lay: About 50 young people are marching down 52nd street calling for police reform and justice for George Floyd
RT @joss_11_7: RIP Phife Dawg
RT @joss_11_7: Y'all need to try and educate each other instead of belittling each other
RT @joss_11_7: It was the _______ for me" be having me ctfu 😂
RT @brownin___: Seeing racists losing uni offers and their jobs >>>
RT @Kensington_Tae: I thought a lot of shit was off limits on these apps but niggas is ignorant man i can't believe the shit i was reading
Y’all better lift every voice ☺️
RT @_imcountry: I saw this on Facebook today from a friend and it said, “a lot of your white “friends” never liked black people, they just…