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@ProWrestlingJoe Cody Statlander Andrade!!! Rosa Santana/Ortiz
@IGN Question,. Is the xbox one more valuable now that they're not making them anymore?.
@bad_girl_rae UFC style
Yo @sammyguevara where's the v-log? I need my fix 💉💉 #vlogcrew #AEW
@Machobeard4life But he's also the VP of AEW. Dude can make his damn contract. He's not going anywhere. AEW will use this as a story line.
@P1AllElite Isn't he the VP of AEW?? Why would he give that up to just be some other wrestler in impact?. Seriously doubt he's leaving
@WWE Thats the monkey from the lion king
@JoelOsteen Jesus, without Jesus you're dead in your sin. Without Jesus you cant reach the father and will never co… https://t.co/bphXuBX5KO
@KhalafSammy Isn't he the Vice President of AEW. Doubt he's gonna give that up to be another wrestler in another co… https://t.co/nUMSroVBCC
@andyhmurray Isn't he the vice president of AEW? I doubt he's giving that up just to be another wrestler somewhere else
Bizzy Bone fresh from the versus battle https://t.co/yrJ5dLRq8L
@RealJDDrake @PAvalon That last match with you and orange was freaking badass!, this one should be a banger