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The Titans are getting new uniforms? That’s fine and dandy as long as we don’t remodel them into the full-time Smu… https://t.co/rRsC2R0y2z
This is just disrespectful as hell. Why, man? https://t.co/8PxDxJuEkq
David Nwaba just saved Kris Dunn’s life https://t.co/MYgtOfYCsl
What the hell happened to Marvin Bagley? Grayson Allen, what did you do to him?? https://t.co/KhN952ISV5
You get an F for effort here Skip https://t.co/ex0qtC7CrJ
The Panthers will reportedly sell for around $2.8 Billion. Which is great because that means we’re just about $2.8… https://t.co/BuJQFGwQ0b
NBA scouts hearing Michael Porter Jr has been cleared for all basketball activities https://t.co/66pW2uPh7U
ESPN literally what are you doing https://t.co/dJd90s9pcU
Sam Bradford has made $114 million in his NFL career. Yes. This guy has made over 9 figures. https://t.co/gY7XTA8z0D
Joel Embiid told Giannis to "trust the process and come play in Philly." So naturally he'll get fined for tamperin… https://t.co/4fWry600xe
This would be INSANE https://t.co/qPOknPAzqc
Kevin Durant out here texting Russell Westbrook about some big life changes before Dubs-Thunder Saturday 😂 https://t.co/pgZl8LxOtl
The NBA returns tonight https://t.co/4deroSIfUR
Looks like the Eagles are inspiring everyone nowadays https://t.co/EjTEkybU6v
Carson Wentz threw this TD with a torn ACL to Alshon Jeffery, who caught it with a torn rotator cuff. How? https://t.co/jVYp2wfFYN
The Golden Knights just continue winning Twitter https://t.co/Cb8OBQ3fBL
Canada finishing second and ripping off their silver medals, nice sportsmanship 🙄https://t.co/KimuEKnXdK
US WOMENS HOCKEY WITH THE FILTH FOR GOLD #olympics https://t.co/K9ojqg1LsC