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The Red Sox can keep pretending they don't want Craig Kimbrel, but they can't afford to lose him. https://t.co/UBkn96aiIK
Andy Reid is just as bad with calendars as he is with clocks. It's frigid, my guy. (via @bepryor) https://t.co/Z2ttbyJw3x
Yeah this definitely looks like Manny Machado wearing a White Sox hat and trying to hide it https://t.co/nvtQUyAqIt
Pictured: Alvin Kamara taking out the Dallas Cowboys offense https://t.co/5WzaKvvubx
Michael Beasley tried to check in with impressively wrong shorts and the ref said “Nah” https://t.co/zKDMRHW4QY
Which will be lower at the end of April?
The Knicks had a 19-point lead over the Wizards. They're now down 4 and have scored 4 points in the entire fourth… https://t.co/jEwzoCFD6j
@brandon_molleur Hey, nothing could be a better-crafted joke than Tom Brady thinking he's an underdog!
"I see you guys wrote me these letters, huh? That's sweet. Well, next time, save the letters for the Chiefs. WE DON… https://t.co/4mBNsP3rX6
Looking forward to Tom Brady winning this weekend and surprising a classroom full of second graders, yelling at the… https://t.co/fWaYSui1ud
Alshon Jeffery surprising the second graders who wrote him letters of support after the Saints game 😭 https://t.co/7t31vxsxc7
@jakeandamir Also hearing this.
RT @jakeandamir: Hearing the other Waiters were Dion. https://t.co/IKyJP0nvxN
Kyrie called LeBron while he was out to dinner with Kevin Love, which is so random. Even crazier? The waiter was D… https://t.co/9PjInCijTw
Love that Kyrie called LeBron to apologize for being so difficult, then leaked that call, which basically accused t… https://t.co/84vuPhNHJk
When your girl texts you back too fast and you can tell she's mad about something https://t.co/KtoSMl3Eql