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RT @MaebyKate: Please take a break from scrolling to enjoy this fox giggling. https://t.co/PsiKpGLP3f
@hunocsi @ChrisMedlandF1 It was satire. I know Steiermark is in eastern Austria. F1 followed the MotoGP pattern whe… https://t.co/iHEZkcHLGI
@23mikeb @TommyWTF1 He kinda threw everyone else that did not YET post any message under the bus. Now every message… https://t.co/q9meAKvY4I
@LJSkydancer @Its_Rxse @Carlossainz55 Whether they speak out or not its their choice and everyone should respect th… https://t.co/pekeIczxkZ
@TommyWTF1 Hamilton shouldnt demand an opinion out of his peers in F1 industry and he shouldnt judge others based o… https://t.co/7pdBCLkZaL
@chilldevv @Its_Rxse @Carlossainz55 I dont know that story but yes. Social media is that dumb it could happen. I c… https://t.co/JvxppjXepD
@Its_Rxse @Carlossainz55 And making no post at all would make him look like he dont care or some people would go as… https://t.co/KVmDSyDebx
@ChrisMedlandF1 I think it does not belong in F1. F1 is a pinnacle of motorsport performance. You should always win on merit in F1.
@PrzOls5 @CezaryGutowski Dokładnie. Takie "bajery" to nie F1 tylko Clio Cup czy Picanto Cup.
@RozekTom Czymś te zero emisyjne auta trzeba będzie ładować..