1968coxy (@1968coxy)

@coys100 Blimey, it is. That explains why he goes off after about 60-65 minutes.
@danielwynne_ Totally agree, Daniel. He is the master tactician. He brings out the best in players who work hard fo… https://t.co/mHDqU6tXR0
@MikeTyson You ready, champ? 🥊🥊🥊
@OllieHolt22 Might be time for you to stop waxing lyrical about Liverpool 😉.
@gary_tonkinson Lol 🤣.
@OllieHolt22 Here you go again! Drowling over Liverpool and all you could say about @SpursOfficial was 'not bad fro… https://t.co/reMGaCfs0e
@piersmorgan But don't forget you have the best striker and manager in the league. Don't make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣. Mind the gap. COYS.
@hojbjerg23 @SpursOfficial Once again, you were superb. What a signing you have been for us 👍💥.
@NozAhmed 😁. The guy clearly has not been supporting Spurs for very long. Last night's display was a Mourinho maste… https://t.co/3HWyDRUxKT
@GillianA A simply superb portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in the @TheCrownNetflix
@1MickyHazard That Ndombele assist though 💥
@SpursOfficial That Ndombele assist though 💥
@mattletiss7 @SoccerSaturday just ain't the same 😓. Younger ex-pros with no personality, nah 👎.
@talkSPORT Boo Hoo. I don't recall you producing this table when Spurs were without Lloris, Sissoko, Kane & Son las… https://t.co/7WftQsSP6D
@Nigella_Lawson That sandwich though👌😁.