2Cobey2 (@2Cobey2)

RT @GarenJArargil: Anyone who cries on Shark Tank makes me automatically not care about the product.
RT @big_business_: Halloween fell on the weekend for the first time in a while and the Rona came thru with no remorse.
RT @iitsAD: CUH-Lightyear 🔭🔵🔵 https://t.co/aH90Vo08va
RT @iitsAD: CUH-Lightyear 🔭🔵🔵 https://t.co/aH90Vo08va
RT @TrueNeB: When that ichiraku ramen guy gave Naruto a lifetime pass to free ramen>>>> VERY fulfilling moment
RT @BSSportsbook: T.K. Wilkerson finds the end zone late for Tulsa (-850 ML) cashing the over (59.5) as they win 34-30. An overturned fumb…
I know them folks who took ECU ML heated rn
RT @FootbaIIism: Imagine watching this classic of a game and deciding that Mitchell Trubisky should be the No.1 QB taken https://t.co/80Juf
i'm sayin bruh they did allat they better have gotten sum out of it https://t.co/v31De1Ul2t
If you beat my ass like that you might as well finish me off and k*ll me
dat nigga said he "invited them over for dinner and they drugged him" but nah he leavin sum out https://t.co/5EbEJPH0Hj