2livescoob (@2livescoob)


Ain’t that a female dog🤔ask her who I was to her and she yelled “God!”
I keep stacking these dollars I’ll need a ladder by summer
Big brudda been onnat since 2015 lol Purp gone collect if mfs gamblin https://t.co/pKGxhC7kGC
@MulaKkhan @AG_Tha_Pharoah_ 🤔y’all betting?
🤷🏽‍♂️just like that https://t.co/Mg7wyPup3X
Why y’all mans ain’t helping his pops? https://t.co/0s5ARWKXh8
I be punishing some steak n lemonade lol
Who gave you pills who gave you that gun? Pluto sent u on a lick
Granted she was standing right there while I catch a play onna brick
RT @_balarabi_: " There's no way Ned stark is dying He's a main character " *Head spins on the floor*