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I’m all about Jayson Tatum with the Kobe shot selection
Let’s beat the Scrubtics
The Sixers might be too good finally.
I really don’t see how the Nuggets are going to match up with the Sixers starting Plumlee and Jokic. This Sixers te… https://t.co/fAIvTRl8wb
Tonight we process. Welcome @tobias31
Sixers have Embiid and Boban. The NBA is not ready.
The Sixers really beat the Warriors with Hinkie watching in person. #ThankyouSam
I would’ve been so pissed if I didn’t make myself stay up lmao. RAISE THE FUCKING CAT!!!!!
Butler has been abysmal, embiid has been bad but Simmons has been superb. Down seven at half but feels like more.
Looks like Boogie is in JoJos head a little bit.
A win on the west coast is always a good thing. This jojo back situation is scary as hell.
Joel Embiid is a starter in the all star game the first two years he’s healthy and it’s ho hum bc he’s just that damn good.
Corey Brewer is a 6’7 TJ
Amir Johnson is the human victory cigar.