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Okay, okay, I’m in on Jimmy. But, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to miss the hell out of Dario and ROCO.
Drummond on Embiid is a comedy show
Sixers vs Pistons tonight. And yes Andre Drummond has already fouled out.
1,2, 345 SIXERS!!!!!!!
Bobby Portis: Certified Sixers killer.
Imagine jimmy butler acting like that at a Sixers practice. Embiid would sit his ass down so fast.
I just love how Embiid, is rivals with every big in the league. Embiid is truly a treasure and he’s all ours. #TTP
Sixers will have 27 national television games next year. The process worked.
Getting Markelle Fultz officially back and getting rid of BC is a great offseason for the Sixers. Fultz has always… https://t.co/BP0IbRH8ii
Summer Sixers reminds me of the process era teams lol. What a lot of fun. #TTP