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She loves doggie style too. https://t.co/Gc61v1ejd9
She loves doggie style too. https://t.co/Gc61v1ejd9
My name is Corgi Allen and I'm the fastest doggo alive💨 https://t.co/bQlNyjbBlP
But can you do this? https://t.co/0XDAerjPvw
Some of you never received more “Happy Birthday” messages from promotional emails and texts than from real people and it shows.
When you're the last pringle https://t.co/uZaNhChpn8
Me walking between couples who are holding hands. https://t.co/TwzTJBVeCP
When your parents find out you've been buying a bunch of idol merch https://t.co/1a5pOkutcQ
Stop bullying meow https://t.co/3L79kA6rPI
Online speed dating https://t.co/rk0IOCHAgk
So close yet so far https://t.co/xWXJuSlArh
Teaching my hooman how to use the slide Congrats to @olliethecorgi_ on becoming #9GAGFunOff Week 14 winner! Submit… https://t.co/W1e29XImhl
You can't make somebody love you... You can only stalk them and hope for the best.
RIP🙏🏻 Thanks for giving us such a "creepily charismatic" performance. https://t.co/QmdHaSsjQo
America, hope you are safe during your emergency https://t.co/ozzcvgDCDg
RT @hitRECordJoe: Sweet pattern though.. https://t.co/UlDAzM86L6
Dad will always be dad https://t.co/7jgz97ci9h
This bunny is my new hero. https://t.co/Wc8Gzwjem2
To: Me From: Me https://t.co/URkDhlC1W3