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RT @Baepsaemin7: On todays edition of I didn’t get the wind chime but I’ll take this one… Jin screaming being the chime of WHOOAAAA AHHH…
BTS have done these and they have never shamed people for illegal streaming like that exo dude... much more respect… https://t.co/N3RH9VQNJj
@jupitersans @JEONLEM0N If you had to be there and it wasn't widely known, it means it wasn't mainstream... 💀
@jupitersans @userkoya I take major issue with how Ateez handles their fans fuq Ateez for never calling their toxic fandom out...
How many groups had dreams of charting on bb and actually charting after her?... oh yeah none https://t.co/yvZl7z1KEQ
@jupitersans @userkoya So where does it mention that in these tweets? you're being hateful and toxic to bt5 not armys
@jupitersans @thesunraee @yjkive Ofc they should stay to showcase your stupidity no one asked you to delete
@daeyeolz @Fhtan13 @simpIelover All these groups going on every single Talk show, charting on bb, and getting nomin… https://t.co/WFSs5Ro7wH
RT @userbfIy: if you’re on comeback #36 and your whole era is ~overshadowed~ by a single, you rly not meant for the light, you’re a snake p…