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RT @Vallmeister: Isn't that perpetuating the legacy of mass killing rather than putting a stop to it? https://t.co/g0X7OQsgvu
RT @harambarbie: Your moms morning breath stink? — Smells like the heaven underneath her feet https://t.co/DRXb4hHtTo
RT @HRC: Reports of gay men being held in detention camps in #Chechnya is a crime against humanity. World leaders must act. https://t.co/EZ
RT @sarahkendzior: Views that now require mass marches: * Women are people who deserve rights * Science is important; don't ban it * POTUS…
RT @KateWouldHaveIt: "Even Hitler didn't think to drag passengers off United flights." -CEO of a major airline or WH Press Secretary or Sat…
RT @yashar: WATCH: This video makes me happy every time I watch it. https://t.co/TCKPg09pYj
RT @AbhishekPrtp: .@British_Airways won't lose your luggage. #FakeAirlineFacts
.@British_Airways won't lose your luggage. #FakeAirlineFacts
RT @kaushikchhavi: You brought tears to my eyes Gauri Sawant. You're an inspiration. Respect! Vicks Ad #TouchOfCare https://t.co/sUUP4Go4o
@theclobra Not a Fake Fact. #DISQUALIFIED.
RT @theclobra: DELTA is an acronym for "Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport" #FakeAirlineFacts
RT @Aricka_Shuck: I'm raising money for Save The Shucks. Click to Donate: https://t.co/a81owTnfxy via @gofundme
RT @josh_ill_us: Tim Tebow can only fly Virgin. #FakeAirlineFacts
Malaysia Airlines know where their plane is. #FakeAirlineFacts
RT @Aricka_Shuck: Airplane employees are trained to treat their customers with dignity and respect. #FakeAirlineFacts
@whatAworld1234 @monaeltahawy @HRC @rerutled You're at the right place, son. We'll help you, Fix you with Love. 😘🏳️‍🌈✌🏽
RT @HongKongHermit: @whatAworld1234 @AbhishekPrtp @monaeltahawy @HRC @rerutled Jason, having seen your timeline, I agree that you do indeed…
@JizzyGillepse @SugarGretel @lisamarie1222 The universe is different. Maybe if your leave your parent's basement, y… https://t.co/OsuBjzaexz