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Appears POTUS wants to have last word on this... not Kelly.
On this day in history... the nation's two previous presidents have delivered speeches today warning Americans about the politics of Trump.
RT @axios: George W. Bush on the US: "Bigotry seems emboldened. Our politics seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabri…
I've been off this week. And I've tried to tune out the outrage of day. But what has unfolded this week is such a sad spectacle. Even for DC
RT @EliStokols: Interesting Kelly noted gold star families stopped being "sacred" not this week but during the "convention [last] summer,"…
RT @Philip_Elliott: The President yesterday threatened he had "proof" that he didn't say what reports said he did. Today, his chief of staf…
Trump has politicized Gold Star families time and again saying he was more caring than past presidents this wk and attacking Khans last year
RT @maggieNYT: Kelly rips Wilson for listening to and disclosing potus call to Gold Star family, an opinion some Dems privately shared when…
RT @WPJohnWagner: Trump offered a grieving military father $25,000 in a call, but he didn’t follow through
The Attorney General for the USA: ‘Don’t Know If I Can Commit’ to Not Jailing Reporters for Doing Their Jobs
Congresswoman says Trump told widow of fallen soldier 'he knew what he signed up for'
RT @JohnJHarwood: Trump just embraced deal ensuring Obamacare payments to insurance companies that he derided yesterday as payoffs for camp…
What is happening to the truth if the president of the United States repeatedly misstates the facts while calling the media "fake news?"
WH says POTUS was "stating a fact" about former presidents including Obama not calling families of fallen soldiers. Fact check: False.
And here i was hoping to end the week without references to the Secretary of State being castrated.
RT @CNNSitRoom: Budget director Mulvaney on the removal of subsidies: These are bad policies and “the payments are not appropriate.” https:…
Trump after I pressed him on his tweets going after Puerto Rico: "I love the people of Puerto Rico."
Trump said he spoke to French president Macron about his decision to punt Iran deal to Congress.
Trump hitting WH talking points on his Obamacare subsidy decision calling the subsidies a "payoff to insurance companies."
Also in his comments to reporters Trump seemed comfortable with Iran Decertify strategy repeatedly saying he wants to see what Congress does