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If you keep giving a failure student a forceful promotion,its will surely end in a serious calamity! @bolanle_cole… https://t.co/ZB5JeB4qnL
@Ohloowatoscene Its kind of enjoyment derives from that moment
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@inecnigeria that was commanded by President Buhari through AGF Malami to postpone elections and waited till the 11… https://t.co/NjKvv1BHCb
@GovAyoFayose @OlayinkaLere @inecnigeria APC planned to rig this election can not be possible, God has destroyed this evil govt already
Breaking: INEC finally postpones Nigeria’s general election to February 23rd @renoomokri @bolanle_cole… https://t.co/R4Di5jRZO4
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Buhari truncated our democracy as a soldier he is now planning to truncate it again as a civilian. @renoomokrihttps://t.co/cs00U0Sazt
Tyrant Buhari and APC are jittery on how Nigerians are ready to send them out of Asorock asap! They have decided… https://t.co/3ksTY403id
Everyone tyranny has expiration date. No postponement can stop it.@renoomokri @olumideogunkua @OndoForAtiku
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