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If they give you one room for free In this compound Will you accept??????😀😀😀😀😀😀 @BolanleCole @Wale_Obanigba… https://t.co/sWAtUwKU4c
OBJ was a President for 8yrs, he didn't open OPC radio. Yar'Adua was a President for 3yrs, a Fulani man & he didn'… https://t.co/0hxN6phJgX
After a break up, would you ask for your gifts back/would you give back all the gifts? @iiiiiiQra @rizickyusuph1 @deepaksaxena88 @GinaGwyn
ISLAMISATION AGENDA “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that… https://t.co/guSmbsTELF
PDP will need just 6 from APC Senators to determine who becomes the next Senate President @BolanleColehttps://t.co/xQMIbq75oa
Fayemi's only reaction to Fulani herdsmen killings and kidnappings in Ekiti was to SACK his AIDE who called for REG… https://t.co/JrVyCQHyou
Senate at it stands: PDP: 49 and APC: 58 YPP: 1 Buharist PDP is dead right? @BolanleCole @adeyanjudeji @bolailori @Afesojayedele
BREAKING: S/Court nullifies APC’s votes in Zamfara, declares parties with second highest votes PDP as winner.… https://t.co/NQEEDYmbbT
PDP is bad yet Gbajabiamila is lobbying members of the evil party because of Speakership. APC people are mad set of… https://t.co/xCerLKoJUX
@jacksonpbn @edmmobi The best option let all the rest of the judges be disband immediately
“Ah I’m broke. No food. No money. Nothing. Enu Gbe ☹️ “ Someone reads it and sends you 20k, you go straight to club… https://t.co/m6QTaa78fv
The constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria adopts English as the official language, recognizes Hausa, Yoruba… https://t.co/EQaiaZtASl
"ONLY Local Government Councils with democratically elected Chairmen will receive direct allocation" - President Mu… https://t.co/fUEaBGkeQW
These are the justices meant to adjudicate @atiku’s petition against @MBuhari’s rigged election. Yet, here they are… https://t.co/tmiJqRcwlS
Southern, Middle Belt leaders criticise FG for setting up radio to reach Fulani herdsmen The Southern and Middle B… https://t.co/PF17oTZ9rx
Obasanjo is your problem and their is no Islamization agenda but: FG approved N100B for ranches and colonies in al… https://t.co/W0M3ZiyYds
Atiku’s petition to remove Bulkachuwa was dismissed but due to public outcry it scaled through. For Atiku’s petiti… https://t.co/VotoDBEQHL
Breaking News! The embattled President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Zainab Adamu Bulkachuwa has recused herself… https://t.co/f1jcLMSciu
@GboyegaOyetola Frud,this will never last,this impunity will come to an end soon...just wait and see