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RT @VernThompson: RETWEET and MUST be FOLLOWING me for a chance to WIN a Cleveland Browns CLE FAN BOX!!!! Tickets, autographed memorabilia…
Please stop showing me the Bose commercial with Carson Wentz @nflnetwork... I’ve seen it more in a half hour then I should in my life.
RT @Abiefaz: This man heard someone cussing at Chick-fil-A.... this is what he had to say 😂
RT @SoleilGandara: please do yourself a favor && click on this hashtag LMAOOO
@aandrews24 I honestly don’t either we gotta get this underway
Zane Gonzalez will never be able to step foot in Cleveland again
@aandrews24 Josh Gordon
RT @barstoolsports: Zlatan’s 500th goal was the most Zlatan goal ever of all time @samsarmy
@Wumbbo I’ll have whatever she’s having
RT @CostcoRiceBag: IS IT JUST ME, OR DID I JUST PULL OFF THE GREATEST TWITTER SCHEME OF ALL TIME????? Read the first word of my tweets to…
I pissed a group of living creatures off so much today that a few of them killed themselves trying to seek their revenge on me
@Joseph_Washburn I ♥️ u
RT @KrisHansonRCF: *Sees Deandre Ayton dancing to Call Me Maybe*
RT @ClintFalin: he’s mine now, becky. (redditor lillu22)
UPDATE: when I told my my co worker about this he said “oh he must have been talking about Captain America before t…
A man came up to me at work today and told me that I look like Captain America. Obviously that’s far from true but…
@Reflog_18 @Browns I do enjoy a good free game #Madden19
RT @Reflog_18: We got some codes, @Browns fans. 😎 #Madden19 RT/ Comment for a chance to win.
RT @itsrjhill: RIP racism (1492-2018)