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RT @FilmClickbait: They have no clue, because it hasn’t screened yet.
RT @FilmClickbait: This interview doesn't directly answer that but the implication is it's just not ready.
RT @Timcast: Yes but to be fair even "the left" doesn't think we exist either so...
RT @Imamofpeace: You read and understood 448 pages in one day? Or do you think assessing a DoJ report is like assembling a chair from IKEA?…
RT @RiseFallNick: I love when Seseme Street crosses over and does Parodies of shows that are WAY above their rating and demographic. https:…
RT @justkarl: "What kind of speed-read training have CNN reporters received? Twice within the first 10 minutes of the release of the 400-p…
Damn, #UsMovie was one hell of a movie! Kudos to Jordan Peele! Way to knock it outta the park again!
RT @prageru: Which administration has been tougher on Russia? #MuellerReport
RT @prageru: Which administration has been tougher on Russia?
RT @prageru: Leftists desperately clinging to "redaction" to sustain their debunked #TrumpColluded narrative #MuellerReport
RT @prageru: Leftists desperately clinging to
RT @CommercialHOF: For my first upload, I'll do one that literally is in the discussion for greatest commercial of all time.
RT @RiseFallNick: If you watched Cartoon Network back in the day... you know this commercial, and you feel the energy. One of my good fri…
RT @RiseFallNick: I'm pretty sure all of us have experienced this situation at least once on the internet already. Source:
RT @RiseFallNick: When I'm interrupted but I don't let it break my conversation:
RT @RiseFallNick: I seriously wonder who comes up with some of these SpongeBob visual gags...
RT @RiseFallNick: It'sa me. Chowder!