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RT @namasendababe: tired of being the bigger person we can both go to hell
RT @wida_vision: He’s giving advice on how to separate and preserve your fruits and vegetables. 🍅🧄🍐🍌🥔🥒
RT @bamelavondoom: albums that prove sometimes the Venn diagram between emo kids and theatre kids is a circle
RT @realashbash: my wife & i used these beautiful glasses from @DezhaGlasses at our wedding and it was the perfect touch✨
RT @cybxrart: Idc what yall say this movie was not as bad as yall said it was lmfaoo
RT @ThatGirlKj_: I’m not available for nothing messy, draining, negative or weird.
RT @shayxonline: i hate people who constantly complain about shit then make no moves to fix their situation. do what you wanna do but i’m n…
RT @hoodopulence: The fact that this was done in one take is legendary
RT @Tyrellcrosby: If as an NFL player we aren’t allowed to bet on games(which I fully agree with), why are government officials allowed to…
RT @kat_wilderness: that moment when u have an outfit malfunction mid show but u still have to keep performing .. 🙊
RT @AShihipar: We should send 400 tests to everyone — before you say no look up how much it costs to operate a drone for a hour