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RT @youngmindtweets: Harpo Marx was known as a "croquet evangelist," but he described himself as a "croquet maniac." #TheMarxBrothers https…
RT @youngmindtweets: Harpo Marx was inducted into the United States Croquet Hall of Fame in 1979. #TrueStory #TheMarxBrothers
"The ambassador's had a change of heart" #Groucho:A lot of good that'll do him:he's still got the same face#DuckSoup
RT @samjrankin: Sad Harpo Marx son part 2
RT @samjrankin: Harpo Marxs son is so enthusiastic about his dad, but for some reason it makes me sad?
@Mamabear0772 @r_creedbalboa76 yes
#MarxBrothers and Irving Thalberg at MGM
@r_creedbalboa76 @Mamabear0772 All very bizarre. What about this
@r_creedbalboa76 @Mamabear0772 I'm so , so tempted.
@r_creedbalboa76 @Mamabear0772 I've just got an evening with Groucho. Are you happy with your blu ray investment?
RT @wiIdhoney: This girl won a talent contest and the prize was lunch with Chico and Harpo and honestly I am SO JEALOUS
@r_creedbalboa76 @Mamabear0772 I wish. I bet there's one sitting in a corner of a charity shop somewhere with this
#GrouchoMarx recording of "Hooray for Captain Spalding" 1952