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Leave something for Allah but never leave Allah for something.
I’m not perfect Muslim, but I’m trying.
Don’t forget to thank Allah, because you have eyes to read this message. say Alhamdulillah!
Don’t think for a second that you’re alone, ALLAH is always with you.
When sadness fills your heart & tears flow in your eyes. Remember 3 things. 1. Allah is with you. 2. Still with you. 3. Always with you.
A mother prays for you even when you refuse to pray yourself.
Smile, because you’re a Muslim. Smile, because you’re unique. Smile, because you’re beautiful. Smile, because you’ve ALLAH.
If you don’t have time for Allah, nothing is going to work out right in your life.
One day you could wake up & find something you love, is no longer part of your life; so show gratitude for what you have, while you have it!
Nothing can change your destiny except Prayer to ALLAH.
When you find Allah in your heart, everything else follows. ♡
Last night so many people closed their eyes to sleep, and never got to open them again. You weren’t one of them. Say Alhamdulillah.
A Dua for my mother: May every tear that has ever fallen from your tired eyes on my behalf become a river for you in Paradise. Ameen!
Dear ALLAH, sometimes I don’t understand why you made certain things happen to me. But it’s okay. I trust you because You know best.
Fall in love with Allah, He will never ever disappoint you. Allah is Al-Wadood, the All-loving.
May Allah give us the Imaan which makes us realise the deception of this dunya! Ameen.
Allah made you, you’re beautiful. Allah takes care of you, you’re safe. Allah is with you, you’re not alone.
You are Alive. You are Breathing. You are Living. You are Blessed. Say, Alhamdulillah for today and everyday.
Say Alhumdulillah because you are still alive, the dead wish to come back to life to do good deeds.
People will test you, Allah will help you.