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@zerohedge 2.5 million at 19? Wow. You just have to find a way of how to do it.
RT @V_of_Europe: Swedish woman raped by refugee commits suicide after prosecutor claims 'lack of evidence'
@nicoleperlroth @Twitter Why would this be alt-right in the first place, fake in the second and a meme in the third place?
RT @PoliticalIslam: Muslim player kicked off college team after anthem face off with fan “he refrained from partici…
RT @RedSoxMVP: @greta It's all true so I wonder now why Greta would want to cover it up also? Bad enough it is ignored every day but now we…
RT @TrishaDishes: @greta .@nytimes CEO Mark Thompson covered up decades of Elite satanic pedophilia while Chief @BBC
@Hermes_Presse Ich sehe es anders herum: nicht China kauft, sondern China verkauft.
RT @Schwulemiker: Und ich dachte immer, Familie sei ein patriarchales, frauenfeindliches Konstrukt und gehört abgeschafft... 🤔
RT @AhnungsLos17: @dushanwegner Keine Zeit den Wintermarkt zu besuchen... ich muss fröhliche Winter-Männer kaufen. 🆘😡😤
@Annakhait @realDonaldTrump And I thought it (his "major announcement") was something about pedogate... 😔
@FreavonWegen Leider auch nicht wirklich eine Verbesserung
@Lauren_Southern In principle I agree with this view. China's doing quite well with its 1 child policy since decade…
Just signed: Please consider changing offensive swedish flag ... Just kidding 😉
RT @Imamofpeace: The most accurate and honest article ever written about me:
They're trying so hard to integrate...
RT @hab_mein_nick: Merke: Ein Kopftuch macht eine Frau nicht schöner, sondern unsichtbarer. Das ist Sinn und Zweck dieser frauenverachtende…