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@Darren6270 It's good to have you with us, Darren! If we need them it'll only be in a claim situation (and even the… https://t.co/UO0SrpAzAU
@fryer_nathan Hi Nathan, have you spoken to our friends over at @Aviva4Advisers about this? ~ Katie
@Bingleboo We do all of those things and more, in fact we also allow the dads to take parental leave if they'ed pr… https://t.co/A16GdN5xov
@ElevenJersey Thanks Eleven, the reason we ask to go via direct messages is for security purposes. I have responded… https://t.co/KQkmRW2HD3
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@M2_two Good evening. We have - you can find out more on this link which I hope helps clarify: https://t.co/eOdjWQf3DR ~ Rich
@pmansf77 Hi Paul, this would be in the event of a no-deal Brexit. In which case you would require a new card each… https://t.co/D2pU2xKRZn
@Talllulah1 I'm sorry things have taken that long. The offer still stands if you change your mind. Thanks ~ Rich
@rb_jaybe That's correct Jaybe. You can find out more here - https://t.co/bw2yahz76v ~ Mike
@ilona_mclean ... in their savings compared to men due to a number of factors, one of which is pay. We have come up… https://t.co/Id7xRAsIHH
@ilona_mclean Hi Ilona, we obtained the statistics from several external sources, the link of which are at the bott… https://t.co/7VSZ0T5YcQ
@bondyc1972 Hi Carl, I certainly appreciate that and we will pass it on. John put something more welcome in the mai… https://t.co/DSDrUqDQ7q
@seocompanyhull Hi, please be assured we are no friend of coal and are taking active steps to divest, and beyond ➡️… https://t.co/ceJpm9M0qn
@Enigma008 This is sadly true to some extent but there is more to it than pay. In 2015 men were paid (mean average)… https://t.co/GPxty17V8U
@LabKarenDavis Hi Karen, I responded to @MothClutter with our stats a bit after yourself. We are transparent about… https://t.co/M5m9NhirdJ
@MoonyWink If the Spice Girls taught me anything, 'girl power' will get us through this 😉 ~ Katie
@bondyc1972 .... I will be sending you out a little something by way of an apology - but if you would like to raise… https://t.co/Q4ndo5GrRJ