Ayoo_Kiaa (@Ayoo_Kiaa)

Yeah I’m about to take a break from ALL of my social media for the rest of this month..i seriously can’t
Loving you more than life itself 🌹
RT @dSirles: @Ayoo_Kiaa oh hush you perfect human, you’re one of the best people i know ❣️
You use to love everything i do..
😖😖 ugh i can’t do anything right
@mayamoten I’m soooo down!!!!
I need a corgi i think that would solve 35% of my problems
I need a corgi i think that would solve 35% of my problems
RT @MacMillerMemoir: Smile at someone today https://t.co/u5DY6Fd87o
RT @thejbellaa: With 2 Aeropostale collar shirts and some Sperry’s, pop a headband on and hunnnnnnny a look. https://t.co/JNip93QlIu
Keep fighting ♥️
RT @Necation: “I don’t need attention” also her: https://t.co/P9KImPnoB6
RT @misssamerica_: Blessed to see 23 ♑️ @DontCynn_ on the 📸 https://t.co/d07N7i6Jp2
RT @AmoNickk: My mom said, “If you love them, pray for them regardless of how things are going.”
RT @OfficiallyVex_: When black people say they don’t drink soda they don’t count Ginger-ale
RT @evilbart24: the look your girl gives you when you finally die in the game you been playing and now your attention has to go to her http…
RT @Richboy_06: Imagine giving someone the necklace first as a gift without the key. Then later in y’all relationship give them the key to…
RT @Hassel_Chris: Old Dominion trailed this game 21-0 and WON! Biggest comeback in school history for @ODUMBB against Western Kentucky. It…