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Looking for a movie about a band in the 80s and #TheDirt wasn’t crazy enough for you? I got you covered.…
@realHawkRipjaw Everyone looked way too modern and polished. Hair and makeup all wrong. Ever see Heavy Metal Parkin…
@realHawkRipjaw I was actually okay with the main characters (and credit due, they did do a great job with the cast…
@smartassrocker Maybe it will improve once it settles in...
Were the hair and makeup people from Stranger Things not available? It’s bothering me that everyone looks like 2018…
Oh boy, five minutes in and so far this is...not good. #TheDirt
RT @craftyvegangirl: Save a life. A dog or puppy from a shelter will love you just as much, maybe even more. They seem to know when they’ve…
@KristiB67 Yes I liked him the best before I even saw his designs!
RT @friedmanjon: I replaced the narrator in The Wonder Years with 80's horror synth
Where will they find a phone booth?
@Ceilidhann Waterworld
RT @ASlavitt: Like many Americans I watch this clip and wonder when this woman has time to golf and enrich herself.
RT @Darinstrauss: "And, if you're a GenXer, you can go fuck yourself." #via
Watching the new #projectrunway for the first time and I’m already sick of Hester.
RT @nickovdw: If you don't say, "Feed me Seymour" wherever you pick up a sweetheart cabbage, you're dead inside.
How is this not an Onion article?
@shutupk8 I’m so sorry.