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And Chocolate Truffle Stout (also #vegan!) 👍
And Chocolate Truffle Stout (also #vegan!) 👍
Alert! Trader Joe’s now has #vegan jackfruit “crab cakes” 🙌
Alert! Trader Joe’s now has #vegan jackfruit “crab cakes” 🙌
RT @humaneleagueuk: It's the season for keeping warm by the fire 🐽🐽🐽
Just once on a conference call I’d love to hear something like “Make sure to dust first, then vacuum,” when the hos…
@KristiB67 That casting notice though 😂🤣👵
Gnocchi & butter beans w/ freshly grated “Parmesan”! #vegan🍷
RT @aric: Sometimes, just sometimes, photography can be art.
I wonder what 35-45 is though. 🤔 Purgatory of hotness before becoming a senior citizen/death?
Apparently “elderly” for a woman is the forty year period of ages 45-85 while “young and attractive” begins at 18 a…
So I just clicked on this (fan of the show and occasionally do background stuff) and...
My newfound Jason Momoa appreciation continues.
I still would very much like to discuss the 1995 Christmas special “The Christmas Light” please. As in, more or les…
What is this “no Santa Claus” stuff you speak of? 🤔
(I was taking that picture and got so busted by my neighbors- they were pulling around the corner right when I took…
Hereditary (2018)
RT @DeionGottaSTFU: Oscar the Grouch been living in a trash can for 49 years
@kyle_j_kranz OK FINE- I did 2 miles just now. 👍
@KeithEHolman @fathomevents I can say it is worth it to see it on the big screen. My theater was packed with all ge…
RT @MercyForAnimals: Your food was born. They lived and breathed. Make the connection.
RT @dodo: Blu loves her new family SO much.