BasedDork69 (@BasedDork69)

RT @Slasher: trump complains about his critics like i do in my soloq ranked games
RT @Slasher: tonight's debate is the best argument yet for legalizing drugs in the US
RT @jaboukie: he said "how do you feel about black people" trump said "i love the police"
RT @jemelehill: Donald Trump still couldn’t deny white supremacy. By the way Trump told the Proud Boys to STAND BY.
Nah seriously block and remove me and if u can still support this guy
RT @el_budget: The moderator getting treated like a substitute teacher
Lets start pushing a third party candidate for 2024 like now #Debates2020
RT @NathanZed: bro they talking like it's an among us emergency meeting
RT @irdga__: Looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house for 7$.
RT @DatGuy_DeMike: Keeping it a buck, she’s beautiful af and her personality puts her above a lot of people.