BeMore27 (@BeMore27)

Andrew WUTTTT????
RT @JCrossover: Vic Oladipo’s stats won’t justify the game he actually played. They don’t win this game without him.
Think Boston steals one on the road tonight. Thoughts?
Bigtime block boy
I mean I ain’t score in the first half before.. still had like 35 something it’s still possible
Suns gotta wake up they playing scary
Not everything a tech or a flagarant holy lol it’s just called basketball
Gs could use a Timeout
Wiggs n Jackson 2 knights in chess out there
Wait he really say that?😂
Just finished last of us 2 🤌🏽
Y’all don’t think I wanna be out there huh.. crazy
Been a foul every possession this game or is it just me
For what? Lol swear y’all just be saying random things on this app