Beardless_Sheik (@Beardless_Sheik)

It's not a flex're just being financially irresponsible. Don't play yourself
@Shilika_c Congratulations photographer 😁
RT @alinanim: REPOST: If anyone knows NANYANGWE NDOZYA, kindly inform her that the purse with all her particulars been picked at East Park…
@LankyObserver I've been curious. Indulge me
@LankyObserver you're a stoic aren't you?? Or at least you ascribe to most of the thought patterns of that school of thinking right??
Swae Leeeeeeeeeee
@Just_Chikko @Chubbae_Barbie @Blackmoustache3 Trust me. You didn't want to be included on this one
Everyone is a photographer now. Either cameras are getting really easier to use or people are giving themselves false titles
I've had a whack year
There's a whole other "science Twitter" with its own influencers. Damn. 2018. What a time to be alive
That React tutorial will not watch itself
@ManUtdZozo I think I've caught up now 😂😂😂
Why on earth is the TL rumbling about how fast one can read a book 😂
Nope. It's popularly known as tweeting
And started building from scratch. It's in the building. It's the most fun part
What would you do if you had it? I had it and burned it all