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@Clamco @VMware Nice! VMware is a great company and certainly lucky to have you on the team. All the best!
I just signed up in support of recalling Judge Aaron Persky.
Donate to my hairy #Movember efforts and help beat prostate cancer here: @Movember
Verifying myself: I am berliner on vsgxxuEKLTtlRlTCGwmi6OH2RQ6wPAgsm9AG /
With Android L, looks like Android is finally good enough to give iOS a run for its money - thinking of switching #GoogleIO2014
New to @Uber? Your first ride's free, up to $30! Sign up and claim yours here:
Writing a Swift cmd-line app for Mac OS X: How do I get the cmd line args? #wwdc #altconf
Maintain true net neutrality to protect the freedom of information in the United States.
My 5-year old son is perfect. He has picked the winners of the last 9 football games. #superbowl included!
I had a pretty good first-timer experience with Uber. Use my promo code and get $20 off your first ride!
@berliner: My 5-year old boy picked all the winners of last 8 playoff games. He picks Seattle to win SuperBowl. I do not agree. #SuperBowl
My 5-year old boy picked all the winners of the last 6 playoff games. We'll see how he does next week!
@aka_pugs Welcome, Tom. Looks like you've doubled your followers in one day. Off to the races!!!
I'm Evernote user number... 92,768 (out of 65M) - Great service, great entrepreneurs. I use it daily. Congrats team!
#49ers were better than that, but it was a good game. Just wish we had come out ahead in the end...
I'm at Norton's Operation Shield (Mountain View, CA) w/ 64 others
Forget #pandora - just finished a 4-hour project in the (hot) garage & listened to #raditaz the whole time; great music and not 1 commercial
I will be at #CES next week. Look me up!