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@Mike_Woellert Small victories
@NPowellFF Congratulations buddy.
@FFJeffM @thekaceykasem My generic Prozac has done wonders
RT @the_ff_german: #IDP World, i have 7 spots available in Shark Tank. Awesome group of owners, unique setup, #fantasycares, 65$ buy in, au…
@_NickWhalen Thank you
@_DynastyMind Thank you.
But obviously fantasy had to be back burnered for a bit
And yes I’ve been radio silent. My wife had a stroke at the start of November. She’s doing great now and depending…
6-2 on the week (some playoffs started early) 73-65 overall 3-1 IDP 30-22 overall 3-0 dynasty 28-33 overall 0-1 redraft 15-10 overall
Made the playoffs in 7/10 leagues