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RT @SpitchNzawumbi: Married ladies, here’s a sex talk for you from our dear mother. Phumzani amadoda.🙌🏾
RT @tandOorh: Umjolo ufuna imali guys...from both parties actually.
RT @iamSivN: If you're having a kak day , this will make it all better❤️❤️❤️
12 years njeee for taste and for being cool amongst my peers....who were waaaaaay older than me
RT @_DimphoM: I know this sounds cliché, but life is hella short. So please, let your hair down. Go out, have fun, laugh until your tummy h…
RT @Yvette_Aloe: Surround yourself with people who are as intentional about their growth as you are.