BlaaaaahhX3 (@BlaaaaahhX3)

RT @ScreamJustin_: Yoo! When they would scream NEXT before they even fully got off the bus >>>>>>
RT @That_Nocks: The impact this did not have
RT @IvyKungu: If yt girls can go out in the messy buns they slept in, I don’t see the issue w black girls wearing their bonnets out idc idc…
RT @SiRiUSCUJO: Don’t nobody give a fuck if you’re a loner or if you’re cutting people off.
RT @LivinMyLife_JP: These niggas be clueless as hell
RT @J_amelle: @cocoapimpcess I can tell y’all don’t know what you’re talking about and NEVER experienced it. Hoodoo, witchcraft can VERY mu…
RT @MARIAM0V0: @cocoapimpcess Y’all haven’t seen how real witchcraft is used in Africa and it shows
RT @Martiga__: All these "the show villain vs the actual villain" tweets are making me want to rewatch SO many things.
RT @SammyBLM: There are some ppl you can never interact with them on twitter. No be say you get anything against them o. they're just RUDE…
RT @Jamz693: You ain’t gotta accept anything you don’t want to, from anyone
RT @whit__tweets: Ignoring red flags because you wanna see the good in people will cost you later.
RT @moniquetiaxo: There’s no music that could make me contact an ex you lot need to tighten up 😭😭
RT @KesterRichard_: Honesty is a gift that many people don’t seem to possess.
RT @Ghanaspotlight: A Ghanaian, Ms. Valentina Mintah has been appointed as a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Executiv…