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RT @BlastsFr0mPast: EU MEP Nick Griffin confronts E U about K A L E R G I plan
RT @GuidoFawkes: McDonnell Said Corbyn Would Have to Resign If Labour Lost. Labour Lost. #Awkward
RT @RaheemKassam: Why won't @Billukip debate @AMDWaters instead of smearing her in the national press?
RT @HuwGruffydd: Illegal immigrants amongst these Muslims must be identified and deported immediately. This appalling corruption must be ex

RT @Ian56789: "Our Fake Democracy" Washington DC is bought - not elected
RT @RightNewsUK: MSM Blackout: Bloody violence for 2nd night in London as Muslims beat and terrorize Jews with machetes & bats

RT @GrahamGtk1954: Man attacked with machete on Birmingham high street
RT @uk_rants: Nailed it. Read this thread. The #EUCitizens issue is only the tip of a very big & deceitful EU plan, I fear.

RT @quigleyp: 'PROJECT FEAR' UPDATE: One Year On, And Britain Still Has Not Imploded, Gone To War Or Vanished - Contrary To Lying Remaniac

RT @TEN_GOP: BREAKING: Senate Judiciary Committee announces probe of Loretta Lynch behavior in 2016 election. Lock Her Up!!!
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RT @seanhannity: You would not know it if you watched @NBCNews or @CNN
RT @VeteransBritain: The PM passed motions yesterday which place Brussels in the driving seat over UK defence industrial strategy. https://

RT @EngageTheRebels: My, how we have regressed.
RT @TEN_GOP: Hi @SecretService, we have video evidence of Johnny Depp threatening to assassinate President Trump. Please do something! http

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RT @Rhye_The_Word: A father decided he must do his very best to protect his family from the tyranny of his fascist government... this is wh