BleuMaverick (@BleuMaverick)

RT @TyanahAriel: Ignoring red flags will have you in a situation for years that you wasn’t even supposed to be in the first place
RT @Iocated: It's been "one of those days" for like the last 3 years now
RT @mook_murdasht: at this point $200 is $20
@_DomoWilson1 Am I too late tho $BleuMaverick Senior year
RT @702Austin: Me: okay I’m done spending money Friend: wanna go eat? Me:
RT @CassandraTrill: when your friend says they called the Uber and you have 4 min to get the drunkest you’ve ever been
In 24 hours I will be done with all of my exams, My phone will be off, I am unavailable, I will be alive but relaxing so just know.
RT @s_rxii: Me practicing this housewife thing for when I drop out of uni
RT @onifinau: this isn’t a beyoncé concert.... this is someone’s wedding.... Girl i-
RT @quotezbaby: This 2 second video is proof Disney back then was better 😭
RT @MuenchowGriffin: it’s beginning to look a lot like fuck this
RT @JustMaj_: Sir for the second time we didn’t do anything
RT @BrotherNature: Finally ran into Canela 😂
RT @MOONEMOTlCON: me when i open my front camera
RT @gaylilbihhh: People who are saying you can’t wash your hair in the sink needs to block me cause everybody knows this is normal lmao. ht…
RT @marie_brownsuga: Getting your shit together requires such a deep level of honesty with yourself
When I don’t feel good my attitude is vicious... like IF I SAID I WAS SLEEP I WAS SLEEP! Tf I gotta lie for? 🙄 aaaaaaaaaanyways moving on
RT @gayhefner: me waiting for my mom to get home with the food she said she was bringing me
RT @lowkeyclutch: me walking into my moms room to go annoy her when I’m bored
RT @1forever_young9: Can we talk about my missing order?