CFC_Vivek (@CFC_Vivek)

@TOSOTC_CFC @JJMcintosh5 @Carefree_Jam Looking forward to listening to them
@SeriousAlex139 Where were these lot when they were getting abused and slandered? Joining the party I guess 🤷🏽‍♂️
@OlIyCFC Emerson man.. no Olly
@Aravind_SA Me and my wife are massive fans bro. We watched you live twice in Kochi and Chennai bro. The Kochi one…
@AlexGoldberg_ @BenChilwell 🤣🤣 Looks like I need to win it for December
@AlexGoldberg_ @BenChilwell Alex what do you use to edit your photos? Clean edits 😀
@mahmirage I lost brain cells 🙈
‘Yo Hakim, I have liverpool fans telling me Andrew Robertson>Ashley Cole’ 😭
Ronaldo Nazario yesterday and Ashley Cole slander today, all based on YouTube comps and stats apps. No surprise it…
@AlexGoldberg_ Reece James emptied his pockets two nights back to find a Gucci Headband lying there 🤣
Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal uno 🤣 Enjoy the season with Willian and that flip merchant on 350k a week.
@cfcvish_ There’s a reason why I changed my avi bro ⏳💙
@Rey_Blues30 Yup me too.. hopefully we come good in the 4-5 weeks
@BrucePaanii I predicted no losses until the end of the previous international break btw 😅
@WestLondonBlue3 True, next 10 games not easy at all.. need to grind out those results
@minhasusama1 I have a feeling one of Sevilla or Everton will be a draw