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He'll never recover from these Karens
Libs are celebrating Pence getting blown off by a member of the Royal Family, but Pence didn’t extend his hand eith…
Thank God, it’s just bronchitis 🙏
@jason_howerton already assuming his gender? wow
Howerton live tweeting his son’s birth is the most millennial thing I’ve ever heard
If these doctors can’t figure out why I keep coming down with fevers, I’m just going to lay in a bath 24/7
Prince Charles is still pissed that we dumped his commie tea into the harbor
I’m sorry, but the phrase “meme lord” is one of the cringiest things you can say.
The literal goal of campaigning is to get media attention. Why are you carrying water for Hillary Clinton?
Reminder that you’re either pro-life or pro-abortion. Pro-choice is a word used to humanize the murder of babies.
In the meantime, I’ll be hiding under two weighted blankets, hugging my dog for warmth.
For the third time in a month, a raging fever has taken over my body. Haven’t been this miserable in a longgggg tim…
The government had to actually work for once and they’re already giving up.
I literally almost just died. Car on the opposite side of a two lane road drifted into my lane going 50+ mph and I…
The actual dream would be living somewhere where it’s always warm and there’s no speed limits. I’d have SO MUCH fun.
Bill Clinton’s WH Press Secretary and current CNN analyst: