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Man Poses as Harlem Real Estate Agent and Scams Investors Out of $250K: DA - East Harlem @BmoreDoc @ShaunKing
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Stalking | National Institute of Justice
RT @dailykos: Sheriff Clarke allegedly had man harassed at airport after man shook his head disapprovingly at him
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RT @amiraminiMD: If Elizabeth Warren had once questioned HC/DNC corruption like she's questioning DT's ridiculous cabinet, we'd be having P…
RT @SenWarren: Tonight I asked #BetsyDeVos a set of q's about her education experience & commitment to protect students. Watch: https://t.c
RT @tariqnasheed: One of the greatest Dr Martin Luther King quotes that is often overlooked #HappyMLK Day
RT @Powordful: The part of John Mclain, in Die hard was first offered to Frank Sinatra. #Fact
RT @AP: BREAKING: Spokesman says former President George H.W. Bush admitted to intensive care unit, wife Barbara Bush also hospitalized.
RT @SocialPowerOne1: Nikki Haley Admits She Has Zero Experience For UN Job
RT @americanzionism: Nikki Haley criticizes disproportionate funding to U.N. at confirmation hearing via @upi
RT @SenSanders: Scott Pruitt has repeatedly put fossil fuel profits before public health. For EPA administrator, that’s unacceptable.
Only 3-6 years?
Sad. You can tell which criminals only get a slap on the wrist. Especially when the victims defrauded & targeted are POC.