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@ShawndelPuckett @ProgressiveArmy @goddesspamela @attyjsmiller @AlterNet Connecticut. Dangerous place for outspoken progressives & POC.
Challenging times. #IllegalSurveillance #NoCivilRights Stifles speech,disenfranchises POC, steal personal & real property- Reversing history
RT @TheWayWithAnoa: Voting will be electronic with clickers, including those for proxy votes. There is a quorum. #DNCChair #DNC2017
RT @WhiskersCrowley: Who are the traitors here? National guard arresting #StandingRock veterans for protecting American citizens from bruta…
Why Yale Should Shun Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman | Alternet
Your Taxes Funding Secret,Multibillion-Dollar Government Enterprise That Tortures/Kills Tens of Millions of Animals
Here Comes the Police State: New Laws Aim for Brutal Crackdown on Protest | Alternet@ProgressiveArmy @attyjsmiller
Happy Saturday morning- @torproject mysteriously disabled off my iPad after spending $100 for @AppleSupport . #Privacy #IllegalSurveillance
RT @MattMcGorry: "White Kansas Man Spewing Racial Slurs Shoots Indians He Thought Were 'Middle Eastern'" @alternet
RT @ACLU_WV: Lawsuit Calls for Elimination of Bible Classes in West Virginia Schools | @alternet #wvpol
@AlterNet Are you aware how hard it is to post your articles?? #BlockedFromPosting