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RT @M_S_Fricker: Evil is dehumanization. Only compassion defeats dehumanization. ⚡️ “Compassion And Meaning” by @M_S_Fricker
@aliciakeys Lauren Hill did a fab job-but Roberta Flack made that song famous. It was her song.#KillingMeSoftly #TheVoice
@EmmeWinch @MrChuckD My children weren't taught either. Hard when you're a black child and your taught the truth at home...
RT @EmmeWinch: @MrChuckD @CarlaRK3 When I took Amer. History in high school, slavery was hardly mentioned. I studies it on my own. Broke…
RT @MrChuckD: Its mind boggling how the USA & its citizens STILL dont comprehend the effects of the 500yr Slave trade.The soil breeds ignor…
RT @Crystal1Johnson: Let's Call Things By Their Real Name This man is dead ass a terrorist!
RT @djkingassassin: DJ KING ASSASSIN Subscribe now to my youtube channel #DJKingAssassin … Exclusive @djkingassas
RT @GeeksOfColor: Happy #MuslimWomensDay to all the amazing Muslim women out there. You are forever appreciated.
RT @NicoJStarr: When it's only Monday
RT @NicoJStarr: There really is a tweet for every occasion
RT @MohamedMOSalih: Honoured & humbled to be named a finalist on the 2017 Most Influential People of African Descent (100) global ranking!…
RT @MohamedMOSalih: Honoured to be the #JSWAwards2017 Individual Leadership Human Rights & Equity Award recipient!
RT @mrdannyglover: The UN should help steer reparations to Afrocolombians who suffered disproportionate displacement, violence & racism dur…
RT @mrdannyglover: Colombia has an opportunity & responsibility to finally address the needs of Afrocolombians since the peace accord #Rep
RT @ninaturner: Inside Alabama’s Auto Jobs Boom: Cheap Wages, Little Training, Crushed Limbs - Bloomberg