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Lmao I just got on the bus and the driver has the audacity to tell me off for not signalling for him to stop, like,…
RT @oheypete: Cute Cashier at Trader Joe’s: Do you have a Grindr? Me: Uh... I just deleted it. Did you message me on there? Cashier: For…
RT @PeaksJoe: Film fans in the 1920s when Charlie Chaplin Announced a new film
RT @djoats02: ur crush is having sex with someone while ur sending them anime recommendations
RT @cordomum: noooo don't kill urself ur the center of an ongoing investigation
RT @coffeemaestro_: 2016 twitter after finding out marina joyce is missing yet again
RT @nisallwhorean: Shane Dawson driving to Marina Joyce’s house to make a new documentary