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RT @Kameron_Hay: Bro, go to prom 😂
RT @Tharin_10: Can we all agree that this is the best opening scene in cinematic history.
RT @___Colb___: Don’t ever compare Kawhi Leonard to Kobe Bryant again.
RT @BarstoolNate: Tom Brady has thrown an INT today. Dwayne Haskins did not.
RT @ComplexSports: The Seahawks and Falcons both took a knee affer the kickoff. Nobody ran downfield. Nobody moved.
RT @AdamSchefter: Washington's Head Coach Ron Rivera, who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, got a planned IV at halftime in orde…
RT @spectatorindex: BREAKING: India reports over 90,000 new coronavirus cases, the biggest daily figure anywhere in the world since the pan…
RT @AdamSchefter: One of my bosses called this the “Best statement I’ve ever seen from a sports team."
RT @elleduncanESPN: We’ve only ever seen NBA players boycott a game ONCE. It was an exhibition game in 1961 and Bill Russell with a handful…
RT @jemelehill: The NBA season is going to be cancelled because of racism, not COVID. Think about that.
RT @stephenasmith: We’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, lead astray, run amok and flat out deceived!
RT @WorldWideWob: the Wizards went to the bubble to do six weeks of cardio.