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Could it be a possibility that Donald Trump could step down from the presidency in exchange that Pence pardon the Trump family? #Maddow
Demand, not supply, creates jobs #NewDemSlogan
A plan for the future, not for the past #NewDemSlogans
Equal pay for equal work. Regardless of gender, color or creed #NewDemSlogans
Income inequality is the greatest threat to liberty #NewDemSlogans
Building an infrastructure for the future #NewDemSlogans
Government should protect people and regulate corporations, not protect corporations and regulate people #NewDemSlogans
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According to some Republicans the #Apollo11 moon landing was fake. Just like climate change is debatable. Someone, please save humanity
Exxon fined measly $2 million for violating Russia oil sanctions. Sure fact Rex Tillerson is SOS didn't impact fine at all #ThursdayThoughts
RT @togetherthrive: We're targeting #TheFlippables. Twelve house Republicans where Barack Obama beat Donald Trump. Please Donate Now ➡️ htt…
RT @togetherthrive: We're targeting #TheVulnerables. Fourteen house Republicans where Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump. Can you help ➡️ ht…
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