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I'm in the flow. My favourite instruction is, "write what every you think will show us off best." This is where i can be the most creative.
@PeglerLambert Great monologue Chris! Very well done.
Boom! Another #showreel script done. When it's flowing I really enjoy writing! 🎥😀
Top Tip for #actors : Have your headshot as a your twitter picture and put your contact/agent details in the description.
@ChrisHallas Cheers! You can have scene setting shots if it combines it with performance and sets the context for the scene.
@ChrisHallas Exactly. I saw one reel where it was the back of the #actors head for 16 seconds! Very frame counts gu…
@misyvon 140 second or less is ideal. (2 mins 20 sec)
If your showreel is close to 4 minutes long (anything above 3.30) you've massively reduced the chances of casting directors watching it! 😐
@AndrewZog We have a few spaces left at the end of August.
@AndrewZog You in LA at the mo? 🎥🎬
Just scheduled in 25 scenes to tweet out over the next 25 days on the lead up to #showreelshareday to promote the actors I've worked with.🎬
@Garykellyhartl2 Thank you!
@Kate_lydia No probs! Also you're new headshots are OUTSTANDING! @TonyBlakePhoto IS THE MAN!
@annajobarteh No probs Anna! You'll both be in Hollywood soon!
26 days until #showreelshareday ! Each day I'll be supporting & recommending #actors I've with. Follow @Kate_lydia…
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"Live. Create. Inspire." #actorslife #actorsuk 🎥🎬