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@OivatootaviO This is an all-time Call Football tweet. Never made sense then, and it especially doesn't make sense now.
This is why I signed up for @TheAthleticSF - absolute fire content. Easily one of the best games I've ever attende…
In the year 2019, few things bring greater joy to my life than riding an electric @CitiBikeNYC and in no way is that depressing
@MattTerwilliger Funny you mention that, SBC was a very forgettable time and brief. Playoffs would seem to be far away but never know!
With @SFGiants renaming to #OraclePark - a friendly reminder that it will always be Pac Bell. That said... looking…
@AvishSood @Bonnaroo Phish people love Phish. They alone will likely buy a large portion of tickets.
Never forget the day Vince Young put the team on his back.
Hello, this is a PSA that the EPL is the best in the world. This match is brilliant #MCILIV
RT @TermineRadio: Glad former players are speaking their minds on Lebron's ego, since media outlets are so in bed with him they're afraid t…
@JeffFaraudo In the words of C3PO - "We're doomed." #GoBears
RT @PettyAirJordan: LeBron: loses 6 Finals, has zero DPOYs, gets bailed out by Ray Allen & Kyrie Irving, leaves 3 teams, flops... The medi…
@BearInsider Has been ages since I logged into my account, think it is connected to my old student email. How would…
Huge announcement for the 49ers - this is excellent! Never liked Robinson on the call.
@Stefan_Rabreno Lebron goes on his own TV show to talk about how he is the greatest player of all time. And for that reason - I'm out.
Lebron is one of the worst "role models" of all time. What a bum.
Absolutely brilliant ball by Iwobi #COYG #Arsenal
@MontgomeryKen Embarrassing offensive output. Defense deserved a better send off than that.