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@b_berg3 Love that sound.
@102ndblackhawk6 I have the same rules and same dragon
@jsargentr The GOP principals of smaller government, lower taxes and strong defense have been supplanted by Christi… https://t.co/8IeiAr0QPo
@KeraRolsen @C130Matt The winter I spent in the ROK was the coldest I’ve ever been. Even when we weren’t down range… https://t.co/KQobJK3Ouj
Starting to plan this year's GrandMAS, where we take the grandkids to see Santa and view holiday lights. Last year… https://t.co/9FLJkqTcV2
@AndrewGreenzone I once watched something like this play out in the 80's. 2 1LT's ended up taking a walk in the woo… https://t.co/rrXspLQsWo
I tried but I was weak. At 5:58 this morning, the furnace was turned on.
The best thing about this is Gen Yeager giving credit to Ridley. Gracious. https://t.co/lrJhtHyUrT
@juliemason @POTUSPressPool I miss the Ronald Reagan approach. If we agree on 80% and not on 20%, that doesn’t make… https://t.co/i3dpObyQG8
Has anyone just started to write down their memories from their time in uniform? If for no other reason, to give t… https://t.co/czB2rigmKA
@GPatrick Girardi but Ross is bench coach
@102ndblackhawk6 This is why planning should not be done in stovepipe fashion. All participants, including ALO/BALO, need to be involved.
RT @cityofjohnston: It's opening day for the new playground equipment at Ray Schleihs Park at 2:30 p.m. today! This new equipment features…
@bbchangeup https://t.co/VQXl42zOto Read about Cornet Kij and why good grammar is important when writing.
@FlyingWarden @naval_ia And if you can use the plane again, it’s an excellent landing.